“Mary Magdalene’s Song”

written by Zack Harold and Jessica Kirk
Copyright 2018

He called himself the Resurrection and the Life
I watched him raise the dead, give the blind back their sight
He said if we’d believe, we would never, ever die
But then they took him away and I saw him crucified
Was it all just a lie?

We laid him in a tomb, then we hid ourselves away
Heartbroken and confused, but mostly just afraid
I struggled to remember how he’d taught us to pray
It seemed just like the words had vanished away
But oh, I wanted to have faith.

As I watched I could not understand
I’d felt the healing in those bleeding hands
Coming down from that awful tree
Had to be easier than saving me.
Oh, I was so afraid
But I wanted to have faith.

It was early in the morning, oh, I never will forget
I went down to the garden to pay my last respects
But the stone was rolled away, there were angels by his bed
They said “why seek ye the living among the dead?”
“He’s risen like he said.”